About ER Media ToolKit

This ToolKit is the fastest, easiest way to replace audio in video (non-destructive) without any change to the video material if one wishes, or you can replace the audio while re-encoding the video to different specs. It helps you extract any audio from any video, batch convert any video into *ProRes, *DNxHD, *DNxHR, AVC videos aka H264 (MPEG-4 Part 10), convert mixed videos into one single video format, including video dimensions, mixed frame rates, video codecs, and much more, all done on an easy to use user interface that sends render commands to FFmpeg to intelligently expedite workflows.
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Previously installed free version important note!
All free versions are time-limited as it always has been in previous years, just like every year on: January 1, 2021; all free versions expired and stop working (with 15 days warnings before it happened). Although it was free to use for a long long time, it costs us (the developers) thousands each year; to keep it up-to-date/ fix bugs/ develop new features, maintain the servers, support users daily, and much much more. 
We hope you can appreciate what we have given you for free for so many years and find our pricing more than fair for what we give in return.
Please Hurry up and secure your lifetime license while it’s on sale.

audiospot - ER Media ToolKit Pro

This Software is a result of decades of real-life experience in audio to video productions, video editing, long time R&D, and coding to make this tool’s workflow smart, fast and intuitive for AV professionals, music composers, producers, and more.

Sagi Gal

Founder & CEO

“ER Media ToolKit” Highlights: 

  • Add multiple audio streams in any selected video (MP4, MXF, Mov, MKV, etc.)
  • Remove existing audio from a video or replace it with a new one in seconds.
    (non-destructive, no video re-render)
  • Separate audio and video streams with one click.
  • Extract the audio, from any video, as Wav 48khz 16/24 bit,
    No matter if it’s mono, stereo multichannel, or surround sound.
    and the same goes for replacing audio.
  • Turn any audio format into uncompressed audio (PCM .Wav) with just a single click, great for media you get via WhatsApp or other smartphone originated audio files.
  • “ER Media ToolKit” gives you the ability to constraint the video frame rate.
  • Automatically fix audio/video offset during conversion to match AAF/OMF when dragging the converted media into your digital media work station.
    (to learn more, see section 8, page 14 in the Pro version user manual)
  • Rotate videos clockwise or counterclockwise.
  • Create a video from an image sequence.
  • Create Picture in Picture (PiP) videos.
  • Easily add your logo or any other watermark image to your videos.
  • Burn a visual Timecode on any output video and configure its position, color, size, border, box color, and more.
  • Stamps Timecode data into videos.
  • Set audio Loudness Target: (LUFS normalization).
  • Transcode any video into *ProRes, *DNxHD, *DNxHR, H264 in the fastest way your machine can handle it so you don’t lose focus of your work.
  • One can even do multiple videos resize into one fixed video dimensions during transcoding, for instance: force all videos to be 720p/ 1080p/ 2160p/ DCI 2K standards.
  • Queue mode lets one set multiple audio/video pairs to batch process, so you can leave it and go do more important tasks like taking your lunch break.

All of those wonderful things and much more are done with only one or two clicks that apply to all media dragged over from what point forward. All the applications have a drag & drop workflow that will make your life so easy you wouldn’t believe how you worked before you had it.

Lots of other cool, fast, and easy media handling surprises waiting for you inside.
Download our demo to see for yourself.

*For The Sake Of Clarity!
All our products are merely an easy-to-use, user-friendly ‘intelligent’ user interface that sends the user’s render requests to Free FFmpeg libraries, and communicating with other tools, to expedite workflows and save you a lot of time and hustle.

audiospot - ER Media ToolKit Pro, the best 1 click media handling tools.
Supported video formats:
.mov .mxf  .mp4 .avi .mp2 .m2v .m2t .mpg .mpeg .mpeg4 .f4v .m4v .mkv .webm .qt .vob .mqv .wmv .avc .mpv .rm .rmvb .f4p .3gp .ogv .m2ts .ts
Supported audio formats:

.wav .aiff .aif .mp3 .aac .flac .ogg .wma .mpa .m2a .m4a .m4p .au .ac3 .3ga .m4r .amr .ape .caf .w64 .opus

Supported Image Sequence formats:

.tif .tiff .png .tga .exr .gif