ProResER Pro

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A swift *ProRes flavors media handling tool.
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A single product license out of the full ER Media ToolKit Pro Bundle.

Available for MacOS 10.14 or later, Windows 7, 8, 10, 11
ProRes is a highly recommended video format for any video editor or sound engineer working professionally on any digital workstations.

ProResER Pro main benefits:

  • Extremely fast workflow powered by the free FFmpeg render engine, which provides superb quality and render speed.
  • Help you convert any video into *ProRes video wrapped in either .Mov or .MXF media container.
  • All *ProRes output videos are 10 Bit Color depth.
  • *ProRes variations: 422 Proxy, 422 LT, 422, 422 HQ, and 4444 with alpha channel.
  • Users can handle two render modes: Fast or Quality.
  • Replace audio while transforming any input video into *ProRes.
  • Split audio and video streams during *ProRes transformation.
  • User-specified change/force of video frame rate.
  • Rotate videos 90 Degrees Clockwise, 180 Degrees or 90 Degrees Counter Clockwise.
  • Automatically fix audio offset during conversion (see section 10, page 17 in the user manual to learn more).
  • Resize mixed video dimensions into one fixed size in a single-
    multiple video drag: 720p, 1080p, 2160p, DCI 2K or 4K, small or full 1:1 and more.
  • Create Picture in Picture (PiP) videos or easily add your logo or any other watermark image all across your video.
  • Stamp Timecode data onto your videos and even set up increasing Timecode value for batch processes.
  • Burn a visual Timecode on videos, configure its position, color, size, border, box color, on a graphical UI.
  • Visual text burning on any video file, packed with options, including limiting the display time, font choosing, and more.
  • Deinterlace your videos with a single click if you need to.
  • All *ProRes videos are intra-frame video compression, which makes them ideal for video editing and audio-to-video jobs.
  • Many more media handling features are included.

Disclaimer: The “ER Media ToolKit” software is merely a bridge between the user and other installed software on the user’s machine, such as the free FFmpeg binaries, the MediaInfo application, any installed media player, and the operating system File Explorer/Finder.
It works by reading the user input in the graphical UI and translating those user inputs into textual command-line arguments that are the native method to communicate with the free FFmpeg libraries, and by communicating with the native operating system File Explorer/Finder to handle files and folders, and by sending playback requests to media players that the user has on his system, and sending technical media data analysis requests to media analysis software in case they exist on the user’s system.
Therefore, our tools do not create, playback, and/or analyze any media files, it only handles other tools and media files created by the free FFmpeg binaries to expedite user workflows for users who understand the benefits and drawbacks of working with the FFmpeg project.

*Important Note: Any kind of ProRes, DNxHD, DNxHR created using the FFmpeg encoding algorithms is not officially certified by Apple and/or Avid and should be treated as such.
Furthermore, Audio Spot does not claim ownership over FFmpeg, nor do ask for any sort of payment for FFmpeg, the relevant owners are:



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