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Swift *ProRes/*DNxHD-HR/H264 media handling tools.
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A Full ER Media ToolKit Pro Bundle.

Includes MediaER Pro, ProResER Pro, DNxER Pro, BRxDVD Pro.
Available for MacOS 10.14 or later, Windows 7, 8, 10, 11

Bundle Highlights:

  • Extremely fast workflow combined with the free FFmpeg render engine-
    turns this ToolKit into a superb, most wanted toolset.
  • Intuitive drag & drop user interface that makes the audio/video handling experience fast and extremely fun.
  • Convert any video in seconds to send by mail, upload to social media sites,
    or prepare it for work as *ProRes, *DNxHD, h264 (without a GOP)
  • Replace the audio in any video, keeping the video intact (exclusive to MediaER only).
  • Convert any video into *ProRes/*DNxHD/*DNxHR/H264/H265/AV1 and, at the same time, replace its audio if needed.
  • High-speed hardware encoding when creating a new H264/H265 media (utilizing supported GPU).
  • Automatically fix audio offset during conversion (see section 10, page 17 in the user manual to learn more).
  • Add as many audio streams as you wish to an existing video (exclusive to MediaER only).
  • Split audio and video streams.
  • Change/force a specific frame rate on any video.
  • Warning and fixing of inconsistent video frame rate, which happens a lot if filmed on a smartphone but not only.
  • Rotate any video 90 Degrees Clockwise, 180 Degrees or 90 Degrees Counter Clockwise.
  • Resize mixed video dimensions into one fixed size such as 720p, 1080p, 2160p, DCI 2K in a single multiple video drag.
  • Adjust audio Loudness Target: LUFS normalization with built-in commonly used industry standards presets.
  • Create Picture in Picture (PiP) videos or easily add your logo or any other watermark image all across your video.
  • Stamp Timecode data onto your videos and even set up increasing Timecode value for batch processes.
  • Burn a visual Timecode on videos, configure its position, color, size, border, box color on a graphical UI.
  • Visual text burning on rendered video files. Packed with options, including limiting the display time, font choices, and more.
  • Many more features are included.

See Essentials vs Pro bundles comparison table

ER Media ToolKit Pro Bundle is our flagship product and our best-selling product.

Disclaimer: The “ER Media ToolKit” software is merely a bridge between the user and other installed software on the user’s machine, such as the free FFmpeg binaries, the MediaInfo application, any installed media player, and the operating system File Explorer/Finder.
It works by reading the user input in the graphical UI and translating those user inputs into textual command-line arguments that are the native method to communicate with the free FFmpeg libraries and by communicating with the native operating system File Explorer/Finder to handle files and folders, and by sending playback requests to media players that the user has on his system, and sending technical media data analysis requests to media analysis software in case they exist on the user’s system.
Therefore, our tools do not create, playback, and/or analyze any media files, it only handles other tools and media files created by the free FFmpeg binaries to expedite user workflows for users who understand the benefits and drawbacks of working with the FFmpeg project.

*Important Note: Any kind of ProRes, DNxHD, DNxHR created using the FFmpeg encoding algorithms is not officially certified by Apple and/or Avid and should be treated as such.
Furthermore, Audio Spot does not claim ownership over FFmpeg, nor do ask for any payment for FFmpeg. The relevant owners are:


6 reviews for ER Media ToolKit Pro bundle

  1. Richard Patterson (verified owner)

    I was using the free one which saved my butt today, then realised the free one was coming to an end and there was a sale. So I got this. So far it as been great in Cubendo on mac and pc…. Thanks Sagi et al.

  2. Dave Williams

    I can’t recommend this bundle highly enough. After Pro Tools and maybe RX, it’s the most used software I have, and it just works. Perfectly. Every time. And fast. I rate it so much I set up a monthly donation to Sagi (which he’s now insisted I stop!) because things this good should be appreciated. And with the pro bundle it’s just got slicker. Thanks Sagi, love your work

  3. michael gandsey (verified owner)

    The ER Media ToolKit Pro bundle is a must have for me. I’m a sound designer/re-recording mixer and I’m regularly needing to replace audio and re-encode video files. This bundle is an indispensable tool that makes my life much easier. It works like a charm!

  4. Anil Kumar Nallan Chakravarthy (verified owner)

    One of the best conversation software and the only best tool to replace audio in video. It saved a lot of time while interacting with clients with various versions of music for a video with very easy to use features. Thanks for this development by audio spot team and Sagi.

  5. Patrick Rioux (verified owner)

    As a Re-recording mixer / sound Designer i need to replace and send different video versions to different people. I’ve tried it (the free version) a couple of years ago for a conversion that was “impossible to make” with all the tools i already had and with ER Media Toolkit it was a success (And so easy!). Last week i was again in spot that needed a conversion from a weird codec and remember ER Media ToolKit Pro and since my trial was long gone, i just bought the Pro Bundle and, once again, it saved my bacon! Now i only use this tool for all my video conversion / audio replacement so no more trouble and worries! Thanks Sagi for the great tools and excellent communication with you!

  6. Dror H Shiman (verified owner)

    As a film sound designer and film composer, it’s crucial to send small video files quickly and efficiently, minimizing the time needed as much as possible. Each time, I had to find another way to bridge the gap between what the software allows and what can be delivered swiftly and effectively to the clients. ER Media ToolKit solved this problem for me so efficiently that it became second nature. Today, I can’t work without it and I use it with every project.
    Buy it now, thank me later.

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