ER Media ToolKit Essentials

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Swift *ProRes/*DNxHD/H264 limited media handling tools.
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A full but limited to essentials only ER Media ToolKit Bundle.

Includes MediaER, ProResER , DNxER , BRxDVD.
Available for MacOS 10.14 or later, Windows 7, 8, 10, 11

See Essentials vs Pro bundles comparison table

Bundle Highlights:

  • Extremely fast workflow combined with the free FFmpeg render engine
    turns this ToolKit into a superb most wanted toolset.
  • Intuitive drag & drop user interface that makes the audio/video handling experience fast and extremely fun.
  • Convert any video in seconds to send by mail, upload to social media sites,
    or prepare it for work (h264 without a GOP)
  • Replace the audio in any video, keeping the video intact (exclusive to MediaER only).
  • Transform any video into *ProRes/*DNxHD/H264 and at the same time replace its audio.
  • The Essentials bundle does not include our unique calculation that fixes audio offsets created in highly compressed
    video codecs such as h264 etc. See the Essentials vs Pro bundles comparison table for more details.

Disclaimer: The “ER Media ToolKit” software is merely a bridge between the user and other installed software on the user’s machine, such as the free FFmpeg binaries, the MediaInfo application, any installed media player, and the operating system File Explorer/Finder.
It works by reading the user input in the graphical UI and translating those user inputs into textual command-line arguments that are the native method to communicate with the free FFmpeg libraries and by communicating with the native operating system File Explorer/Finder to handle files and folders, and by sending playback requests to media players that the user has on his system, and sending technical media data analysis requests to media analysis software in case they exist on the user’s system.
Therefore, our tools do not create, playback, and/or analyze any media files, it only handles other tools and media files created by the free FFmpeg binaries to expedite user workflows for users who understand the benefits and drawbacks of working with the FFmpeg project.

*Important Note: Any kind of ProRes, DNxHD, DNxHR created using the FFmpeg encoding algorithms is not officially certified by Apple and/or Avid and should be treated as such.
Furthermore, Audio Spot does not claim ownership over FFmpeg, nor do ask for any payment for FFmpeg. The relevant owners are:



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