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ER Media ToolKit is the fastest way to prepare videos for work, send small video previews to clients, add your logo watermark, replace audio without re-coding the video, burn timecode on video, and the list goes on. all in two clicks and a drag & drop user interface that you wouldn’t believe how you worked before you had it.
*From January 1, 2021 all free versions stopped working, get your lifetime license while it’s on sale.

ER Media ToolKit Pro Bundle, the best media handling tools.

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Mark Van Der Male (Shark)

This piece of software is both a lifesaver and a timesaver. MediaER Pro handles all incoming and outgoing files in my audio post-production studio.
Queue mode is the coolest ever since you can just drop as many audio and video files as you like and replace audio in the video files as a batch process. HUGE timesaver! I love it!

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Rustam Gimadiyev

This software is perfectly designed for post-production! It saved lots of time for me! Highly recommend!

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Dave Williams

I can’t recommend this bundle highly enough. After Pro Tools and maybe RX, it’s the most used software I have, and it just works. Perfectly. Every time. And fast. I rate it so much I set up a monthly donation to Sagi (which he’s now insisted I stop!) because things this good should be appreciated. And with the pro bundle it’s just got slicker. Thanks Sagi, love your work.

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Richard Patterson

I was using the free one which saved my butt today, then realised the free one was coming to an end and there was a sale. So I got this. So far it as been great in Cubendo on mac and pc…. Thanks Sagi et al.

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Michael Gandsey

The ER Media ToolKit Pro bundle is a must have for me. I’m a sound designer/re-recording mixer and I’m regularly needing to replace audio and re-encode video files. This bundle is an indispensable tool that makes my life much easier. It works like a charm!

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Patrick Rioux

As a Re-recording mixer / sound Designer i need to replace and send different video versions to different people. I’ve tried it (the free version) a couple of years ago for a conversion that was “impossible to make” with all the tools i already had and with ER Media Toolkit it was a success (And so easy!). Last week i was again in spot that needed a conversion from a weird codec and remember ER Media ToolKit Pro and since my trial was long gone, i just bought the Pro Bundle and, once again, it saved my bacon! Now i only use this tool for all my video conversion / audio replacement so no more trouble and worries! Thanks Sagi for the great tools and excellent communication with you!